July 2015
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Still Couponing But Tired Of Talking About That.

Couponing is an awesome job.  It takes a lot of time and sometimes I get burned out and need to take a break, but the truth is, I can feed as many people as I want to for the amount that it would take a couple to go out to dinner and I can do that every day.  I’m not bragging, I’m not saying that you should do it, I’m just saying that this is how we live.   I fucking love it.  We eat well, fresh food almost every day, asparagus is in season, are you eating it every day until you get inured to the smell of your pee?  What a lovely thing.

We live in poetry and music, we live in computers in hack mode, we live in love and laughter and tears, we get to laugh and we get to cry whenever we want to because this is a world that we have created in this house.  We scream and hurt each others feelings, we apologize, we talk it out.

I have no idea of how everyone else in suburbia is getting by, but this is how we do it.

It is Spring.  I’ve stopped watching television and started working until my back is making me feel like a crone.  I want to work more.  I want to make everyone happy, I want everyone to be happy and well-fed and slightly over-stimulated.  I will cry when people leave and I will laugh when people come and I promise to feel everything and stop watching TV.

It’s funny.  I logged in to write about menopause and PMS and hormones and make excuses for my excesses, but this is how it went when my fingers touched the keyboard.  No excuses, just life.

Feel it hurt you.  Feel it when it is love and like and oh, smell everything, touch everything, taste everything, listen and speak what you mean.  Cry, if you cry, cry loud.  Laugh like a fool.  Don’t worry about anything in between.  If you don’t feel it, don’t worry about it.

Live like a madfucker.  But, yeah, don’t rape anybody.  That’s just really bad and not at all what a proper madfucker would do.


2 comments to Still Couponing But Tired Of Talking About That.

  • mars

    god you’re a good writer, joanne.

  • Dear, just today I found myself wondering “when will I see MM again?” then I came here to remember just what it was that I wrote and found you. What a witch I am! Thank you for listening to me and I would like to kiss your face again very soon.