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Barry McLaughlin (PondWater)

April 10, 2010 PondWater Society Event

This was so different from anything that we’ve done that I think I’ll tell you about it with photos.  Barry McLaughlin (also known as Barry Holiday) came and wowed us with trivial fun, games and prizes!

It all started very quietly

It all started very quietly. You can see the unfinished Poetry Machine sitting expectantly in the corner.

Barry McLaughlin arrives!

Barry arrives, like Felix the Cat, with his magic bag of tricks!

Bobby and Todd

Bobby (who is Not Steve) is amused in spite of himself, Todd is just purely amused.

Julie and Alexandra

Julie and Alexandra facing the wall while Barry is in the kitchen hiding the hedgehog.

Barry Hiding the Hedgehog

Barry Hiding the Hedgehog

Julie being an opportunist

Julie doesn't even bother to look for the hedgehog, but instead uses her time to refill her wine glass. This is an example of why we've been friends since we were 17.

Alexandra found the hedgehog

Alexandra found the hedgehog. She is a Baines - She WILL win!

Barry challenging an audience member

Barry challenging an audience member. The television is set up there so that he could show very short, funny films called Nuggets.

Barry being a target.

Barry being a target.

Rebecca & Colin

Rebecca & Colin. I can't remember if this was a challenge or a prize.

bulls eye

Bulls eye!

Barry hit

My first instinct is to feel bad for this, but then I remember that it was his game and he is the one that thought it was a good idea to give Rebecca a weapon. Don't ever give anyone in this house a weapon.

Barry explaining

Barry explaining the rules for the game How Many Peeps Are In This Can? while Jules and Todd pay rapt attention. Jules won the peeps. The can too, I think.

Barry - teams

The audience was divided into three teams; the winners, the weiners, and the whiners. The whiners won and everyone got candy bars!


Because it was April and both Alexandra and Julie have birthdays in April we decided that after dinner we would have a pinata. We've never had a pinata before and it's fairly clear that no one else that was here had either. It was full of candy, disposable lighters, disposable razors and little bottles of vodka.

Pamila Payne

Horror fiction writer, Pamila Payne, was first at bat.

Pamila Payne and stuck pinata

Eddie pulled the string, some sort of pinata trickery that I don't understand, I mean, she's already blindfolded, how is a person ever supposed to hit the thing? The pinata got stuck in the tree.

Todd releasing the pinata

Todd released it, he's very tall and that often comes in handy.

Todd and Alexandra and the pinata

Alexandra was supposed to go next, but for some misguided reason she chose to let Todd go before her. This is Alexandra trying to spin Todd around. No, really, how many disadvantages does one need against a pinata?

Todd and Pinata

Here we go. I do not know what Todd has against pinatas, but the desire for vengeance is so apparent here.

beheaded pinata

Well, I guess this shows that there were not enough disadvantages. Todd beheaded the thing on the first swing, game over. I'm pretty sure that we were supposed to have some kids and a stick, not Todd and a baseball bat, but this is how you learn. Well, maybe not you, but this is how I learn. The other thing I learned is that adults will not scramble around in the grass for pinata innards. I think that it was at this point that Alexandra said so we just come out here in the morning for candy and liquor?

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